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You can’t anticipate every possible scenario.
But you can prepare the process for managing whatever comes your way.

When a crisis hits an organisation, it’s always a scramble. From editing documents, to contacting stakeholders, turning off advertisements and making sure that everyone across the organisation is kept informed.

Crisis Control was developed by seasoned crisis managers who understand the biggest enemy when you’re in the eye of the storm, is time. Crisis Control allows you to seamlessly manage the whole communications process across the organisation, in real time from wherever you are.

Crisis Control centralises all crisis materials required to seamlessly inform stakeholders, the media, regulators and any other parties who need to be informed when a critical incident has occurred.

Synchronised information is available in real-time on any device allowing decision-makers within organisations to access documents remotely, and distribute the information to a pre-populated database.

The team

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Lahra Carey
Steve Carey
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